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Daka/Dakini Training/Mentoring

Available by booking a telephone session or a personal private session. Ongoing customized trainings and apprenticeship programs can also be arranged. Please call +01.928.282.8511 or e-mail for details. 

Sacred Sexual Healing Arts, Ancient and Modern Temple Rituals and Practices, Tantric Healing Arts, and Tantra Teacher Training

Session Formats, Technique, and Rituals:

Intention and Invocation

  • Authenticating the Moment

Ethics-Appropriate Instruction and Sharing

  • Creating and Holding Sacred Space with Ritual and Ceremony
  • Identifying a clients’ needs; creating safety and emotional support
  • Determining where to take a session
  • Sharing problems and insights

Boundary Identification and Healing

  • Practitioner/Client Responsibility
  • Being Aware of Transference
  • Self-conscious Awareness and Monitoring your Ego
  • Making and Keeping Agreements

Insights for working with men, women and couples

  • Healing the Wounds of Sexual Abuse
  • Consistently checking in with clients’ feelings
  • Healing the Wounded Masculine
  • Healing Fear, Jealousy and Competition
  • Embodying the Divine Masculine and Feminine
  • Balance of the Inner Mature Woman and Man
  • Owning our Humanity, one’s desires and the ability to manifest
  • Accessing and speaking from one&rsquos gender opposite

Clearing Emotional Blocks for Self and Client

  • Handling Emotional Breakthroughs with Clients
  • Bioenergetics
  • Breathwork
  • Firebreath Orgasm
  • Authenticizing the Moment with Eyegazing

Anchoring, Grounding and Sustaining Healing Change

  • Requesting client check-ins

Empowering your Clients to achieve Closure

  • Being sure client is “complete” before sending out
  • Water, hugs, awareness on road, etc.

Healing Religious and Social Dogma and Sexuality

  • Worldwide Culture
  • Control and Fear, Suspicion around Pleasure
  • Getting out of Judgment and back to Love
  • Empathic Listening and Touch

Additional Presentations:

  • Sex in Nature- Earth Medicine
  • Shifting from Sexwork to Sacred Sexuality Sessions
  • Safety: Personal, Public, Legal
  • The Sacred Inner Union
  • Using Tantra to Birth Your Dreams
  • The Power of Breathwork
  • The History of Sacred Sex
  • Sex Tools and Toys

Session Demonstrations:

  • Male Sacred Spot
  • Female Sacred Spot
  • Healing the Masculine Aspect
  • Erotic Bodywork and Kundalini Activation Demonstrations

Business skills and Protocol:

  • Pre-Qualifying Clients, Sales and Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Valuing Yourself
  • Finding a Mentor
  • Promotion and Networking
  • Bookings and Billing
  • Follow-Up Communications
  • Social Stigmas and Being Maligned
  • Holding Space, Healing, and Creating clearing and Resolution when Being Maligned

Legal Considerations

  • Personal Safety Issues
  • Internet Ads vs. Newspaper
  • Consulting Local Adult-Specialist Attorney

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Hello Goddess,
My name is Eve from Australia. Can you please help me get organised for the month long apprenticeship training in March. I would like to book my airfares now – so can you please forward all the written material I would need to get organised.
In gratitude

Comment by Eve Glimma

Hi Eve, We are so excited to have you come to Sedona as an Apprentice. You will fly into Phoenix and catch a shuttle to Sedona (about a 2-hr ride) or arrange for rideshare with some of our regular visitors. We can book your room with a deposit toward the training, but these links may help you decide what to bring: and Your room fee is included in the $3000 Apprenticeship fee and food is provided during the Daka/Dakini training and the Conference.

Comment by schooloftemplearts

Apprenticeship is March 25 – April 21, 2010

Comment by schooloftemplearts

looking for dakini training.

Comment by Luci Johnson

Hi Luci, We are in full conference and training mode hosting these events around the world. Our next Dakini trainings are Oct 11-17 in London, followed by Nov 1-6, 2010 in Sedona AZ followed by Dec 6-11 in South Africa followed by Feb 15-20, 2011 in Australia and our post 10th Anniversary Conference Dakini training May 2-8, 2011 in Sedona AZ. You can find it all on the event calendar navigation Call if you have questions +01 928-282-8511

Comment by niki

Watch this video testimonial of a daka in training The next Sedona Training is Nov 1-6, 2010

Comment by schooloftemplearts

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